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Our music store in Columbia, MO carries the biggest and best names at great prices. If you’re searching for that special amp, guitar, pedal, or cymbal, we’re likely to have it right here, right now.
Barnhouse’s Crazy Music Store is a one-stop music shop that carries a wide selection of music equipment, instruments, gear, and accessories. We aim to please a diverse clientele, which means that we have top brands as well as hard-to-find pieces.
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We have a huge selection of musical instruments at our Columbia store, including keyboards, guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, harmonicas, and drums. Our expert staff can also help match you with the right instrument for your budget and ability. Drop by our store today to get started!

Gear and accessories

At Barnhouse’s Crazy Music Store, we take our music equipment just as seriously as our instruments. That’s why we carry a vast selection of gear and accessories. Our selection includes spotlights, fog machines, laser machines, mirror balls, amplifiers, CD burners, microphones, wireless mics, books, strings, and DJ equipment. We can also set you up with a new sound system or provide you with the parts to upgrade your existing system. We have something for everyone, so come in and browse our aisles today!

Leading brands

Whether you are a new music student or a seasoned pro, we’ve got the music equipment, instruments, and gear that you need at our Columbia store. And we carry the leading brands in each area of our industry, such as:

  • Recording: Zoom™ and Alesis™
  • Percussion: Yamaha™, Sonor®, LP Percussion®, Toca™, Zildjian®, Sabian™, Remo®, and Evans™
  • String Instruments: Yamaha, Seagull™, Larrivee™, Ibanez®, Eastwood®, Luna™, Tanglewood™, Dean™, Samick™, Schecter™, and Weber™
  • Microphones: Audix®, Sennheiser™, Shure®, and Audio-Technica®
  • Live Sound: QSC™, JBL Pro™, Mackie®, Yamaha™, Wharfedale Pro™, Yorkville™, and Behringher™